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We provide comprehensive NHS dental services to both adults and children. We are able to provide treatments that are necessary following an assessment to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and pain free.

NHS dental services operate on a banded system, following an assessment your dentist will discuss with you which band your NHS course of treatment will fall into.

As not all treatments are covered on the NHS such as – cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, implants, specialist treatments etc, your dentist will be able to provide you with private options. Please note the NHS only covers treatment that is clinically necessary.

For further information on NHS dental services please CLICK HERE

NHS Dental Charges

There are 3 NHS charge bands (Effective as of 24 April 2023):

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Band 2: {{nhs_band_2}}

Band 3: {{nhs_band_3}}

To register as an NHS patient:

We are a mixed practice (NHS, Private and denplan). Unfortunately, we are currently at full capacity for NHS patients, and we are currently accepting patients on a private basis.

A private new patient consultation includes a full oral health assessment, oral cancer screening, tailored treatment options and advice, as well diagnostic tests including two x rays. The fee for this is £85 and we would be able to see you in the near future. If you are having any immediate problems, we would recommend it was treated sooner, to prevent the need for more complex (potentially more costly) dental treatment in the future.  If you would like further information on private dental care at our practice please do let us know.

NHS Availability:

IF we have NHS availability it will show up as an option on our ‘book online’ tab on our website. NHS spaces are limited and become available periodically. We would advise that you check the book online option.  You can select ‘nhs new patients exam’ and then find a time slot that is suitable for you.

CLICK HERE to check NHS availability and Book online

Please read the below, we assume you accept these points should you book in for an NHS new patient examination.

Important information regarding NHS dental services:

1. NHS services are limited, and we can only provide appointments when we have availability. We have no obligation to continue to provide NHS care if we are at full capacity.

2. If we do no not have NHS availability and you need to be seen asap, please let us know. We will most likely be able to accommodate on a private basis. We advised if you are aware of any active dental problems you are having then they should be looked at sooner rather than later, to avoid more complex and even costly treatments.

3. Please DO contact other practices to see if they can add you to their waiting list (if they are keeping one) so you can be seen as soon as possible.

4. Not all treatments are available on the NHS; especially if you are looking for specialist work/ materials, cosmetic dental care and more complex dental treatments. Please ask our team for further information if you want to discuss private options available. Any cosmetically driver treatments will  be private, and we would advise you see our private dentists so we can ensure you have the best results.

5. If we do book you an NHS new patient appointment, please know that if you miss your new patient appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, no more NHS appointments will be offered. We operate a strict attendance and late cancellation policy

6. If you also short notice cancel or miss your FIRST TREATMENT APPOINTMENT the dentist will most likely not book you anymore NHS dental appointments, and you will need to find another NHS dental practice. Please do respect the time of our clinicians and team. These time slots could be used to help other patients.

7. We require you to complete forms prior to your appointments and will need these done at most appointments. This is a requirement by the NHS and also we need an updated medical history. If you do not wish to complete NHS forms, then we would advise opting for private care.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your dental needs!

You should make yourself aware of how NHS dental services operate – Please CLICK HERE

Please see our Payment Policy for further information on our payment process.

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  • 21 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7AP
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