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31st August 2023

Should I Join a Dental Plan?


Joining a dental plan/ or preventative plan is a great way to ensure that your oral health is maintained. The plan ensures that you are covered for your dental examinations and two 30 minute hygienist appointments in a year.  Any potential problems with your teeth can be spotted and addressed early. This means they are easier and less expensive to fix.

This is essentially a private care plan, and you will also benefit from more flexibility with appointments, more time with the dentist, and always be provided with the best and current treatment options.

If you are an NHS patient that has 6 monthly examinations and sees a hygienist on a private basis, as well as prefers to have upgraded treatment options such as white fillings, tooth coloured crowns etc, a dental plan may work better for you as you receive 10% discount on any private routine dental care.

For a supplementary 60p per month you can also receive emergency dental insurance if you are more than 40 miles away from your practice. This provides reassurance when you are away from home that should you have any problems you will not need to go through NHS 111 but could call denplan directly to find a local practice that will be able to help you for the emergency.

To summarise:


  • preventative dental care
  • regular examinations and two hygienist appointments per year taken care of, including x rays.
  • 10% discount on routine dental treatments
  • earlier detection of any problems
  • urgent insurance cover should you be away

Contact us to find out how you can join our dental plan on 02380790935 or email us on 

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Bassett Dental & Aesthetics - Logo
  • 21 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7AP
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