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Dental crowns are custom caps used to fix damaged or weakened teeth.

The top part of a tooth can be damaged and weakened for reasons such as tooth decay, large fillings and trauma. A crown repairs and strengthens teeth to prevent further damage, fitting over the top of the healthy part of the tooth.

Custom made for your teeth, dental crowns optimise tooth form, improve eating comfort and help to restore your smile.

Dental crowns can be made from gold or non-precious metal alloys, as well as natural coloured materials such as resin or ceramic or a mixture of ceramic and metal.

What is the treatment for a crown?

Your dentist will begin by ensuring the tooth is otherwise sound and healthy, before preparing the tooth to be treated by reducing it in size, and shaping it ready for a new crown. A temporary crown will be placed whilst your new one is being made.

Your crown will be made by a laboratory and designed from an impression of your tooth. At your second appointment, the new crown is permanently fixed to the top of the healthy part of the tooth.

Is a crown treatment painful?

The first appointment can be lengthy and local anaesthetic is often used during a crown treatment which will relieve you of any discomfort.

How long do crowns last?

Dental crowns are a long-lasting treatment – up to 15 years and sometimes much longer, with a regular dental regime and care.

If you already have a crown that you are unhappy with for aesthetic or functional reasons, contact the practice for a consultation appointment. A new crown can improve the comfort and natural appearance of your teeth, and boost your confidence.

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  • 21 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7AP
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